Monday, April 27, 2009

We Need More Sock Puppets

Here are a few of the sock puppets that I made earlier this month between all the stuffed rabbits. Just in case you were wondering, This is supposed to be a lion.
I really liked how this one came out. He looks like such a nice crazy king. I have loved these soft fuzzy socks that I found at the dollar store. These were the last of my stash. I wish I had bought the whole box full.
I really liked the goat that I had made at Christmas, so I had to try another one. I made this one's horns a little straighter. You just have to love the goats!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woodland Creatures

I have made more than rabbits and cats in the past month. Here is a chipmunk. His cheeks are full of something. I think the rabbits must have shown him where the food is.
I put stripes on his back to give him a more chipmunk like appearance.
Here is someone who looks like he is ready to get into trouble. The raccoon has already found the garbage can it seems, but he still looks hungry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They Are Not Peter Cottontail

Easter is almost here. The bunnies around my house are becoming excited. They have invited even more to their bunny bounce. Here is one of the new arrivals. He, fortunately, would rather sit than bounce.
The same cannot be said of this long-eared rodent. He definitely loves jumping as high in the air as he possibly can. He has attached himself to my son, who has dubbed him 'Rodney'.
This character showed up just a few days ago, and even the other rabbits are not sure what to make of him. He told me that his name is Homer, but I'm not sure that I believe him. You have to watch out for jackalopes. They are not real reliable. Just as an aside, I think the Olympic committee really missed out on something when they didn't make a jackalope the mascot of the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City. What better icon of the American West is there? Think of all the postcards they could have sold.