Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sock Puppets

    Here is just one of the many sock puppets that I made this past month. He is a dragon who's name is Filbert. At least, I think that is his name. Sometimes they let me know right away what to call them, and other times, they just want to make me guess. ( I told you they could be obnoxious.) I will post more pictures of puppets as time goes on.

Look Out! I Think They Want to Take Over!

     After spending most of December cutting and sewing socks, I have decided that they are trying to take over my life. I have made so many creatures and puppets this past month that I thought I needed to create a blog just to keep track of the obnoxious creatures. If you don't think sock creations can be obnoxious, just try living with them staring at you with their little button eyes  for a while. The worst of them is that blue striped and spotted one in the photo above. His name is Rupert, and he was one of my first creations. He has a comment about everything that goes on around the house. I'm afraid that he may want to take over this blog.
He was friends with this  sock monkey for awhile, but the monkey got tired of his attitude after awhile and took up residence with my niece instead. I hope to post photos of  all the socks that have escaped that foot and shoe fate that they were originally created for by those lovely sock making people out there somewhere in the world.